Jason Tyler is a twenty-four year old man with a traumatizing past that's left his emotions sealed away. Thanks to this unfeeling state, he's able to remain levelheaded under even the most stressful of situations.

This uncanny ability of his, alongside his goodhearted but opportunistic personality, makes him a prime target for a strange, hyper-advanced, energy-based alien calling itself Rajan. The extraterrestrial ball of light wants to put on a 'play' with video-game-like features, and it thinks Jason is the perfect candidate to fill the role of hero fated to slay the evil demon king.

As he fights for his life against the dangerous local fauna and the even deadlier minions of the final boss, Jason encounters the locals--gigantic hyena people with outrageous levels of strength--and develop relationships with them ranging from friends, to enemies, and perhaps, out of desperation or affection, even so far as lovers.

Successfully completing his main quest will grant Jason full access to the nearly unlimited power of an array--a highly advanced piece of technology fueled by the almost limitless energy gathered by an accompanying Dyson sphere. Failure, however, means death. With the stakes this high, our protagonist has no room for error.

Farming in Another World

Aoi, a Japanese businessman working for a black company, finds himself summoned to another world. The only problem is, he's now a beastman. Or, more accurately, a beastwoman. Worse yet, her new species are discriminated against and regularly enslaved. Fortunately, while she doesn't possess the outrageous combat capabilities most humans from Earth are blessed with, she has certain agricultural skills that could just change the world.

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