My name is Addison Myers, and I'm an author who writes fantasy, sci-fi, and contemporary romance-based novels that revolve around heterosexual alien, human, and furry couples in every combination!

I also enjoy drawing my characters and the worlds they inhabit. Mostly the former, though, because drawing backgrounds sucks!

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Me and My... Teacher?!

Shuichi Kenmotsu is a normal Japanese high school student living out a bland and uninteresting life. Or, at least, he was until Fujiko Takamori showed up.

Hired to replace the old social studies teacher, she’s smart, sweet, and outrageously beautiful, and she instantly becomes the school’s idol. However, Shuichi pays her little mind, since he’s well aware of the vast distance romantically between a teacher and their students.

He doesn’t get the chance to ignore her for long, though, since one day they wind up getting trapped in the gym’s storage shed together. Then, the school’s crazy moral extremist of a vice principal demands Takamori-sensei be fired, since he believes she and Shuichi were up to something immoral! That’s when Shuichi’s father steps in, and things quickly begin to escalate. One thing leads to another, and, before he knows it, Shuichi is getting married to his teacher!

Appeased, the vice principal lets them off the hook, but he doesn’t do so unconditionally. If anyone finds out about their impromptu union, then he’s going to go to the media with news of their scandalous relationship and ruin both of their lives!

Can the two of them keep things under wraps, or will their lives ultimately wind up ruined? And, perhaps just as importantly, will their faux romance blossom into something beautiful, or will it meet with an abrupt and premature end?

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She's a naïve alien bounty hunter who's in way over her head, and he's a human astronaut she accidentally abducted while illegally investigating Earth! He was forced into becoming her partner because he needs lots of money to bribe his way back home, and bounty hunting is a good source of cash.
The cover for my romance novel titled "Me and My... Teacher?!". Find it at: https://www.amazon.com/Me-my-Teacher-Addison-Myers-ebook/dp/B08P332HPM. Free to read for KindleUnlimited members!

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